About Us

The company

The company Green Stone Civil’s CC was registered in October 2009, operation of the company started 11th of January 2010. Green Stone Civils’s CC was the result of two well established companies merging, being Green Stone Construction and Piri Construction. Green Stone Civil’s CC has in this short time already acquired a BBBEE status level 4 with a 100% procurement recognition level.

As mentioned, the companies traded independently under Green Stone Construction and Piri Construction. Over the years these two companies have worked together on various projects and proven a successful combination of skills. The consequent merge was the next logical and most beneficial step to take for the continued success of this fruitful relationship.

The firm Green Stone Construction was established in December 2004. It operated under a personal name trading as from September 2004. The company was involved with general civil construction work but increasingly specialising in concrete works.

Piri Construction was established in April 1994, with the Sole Member, Gerhard Le Roux. His background as Professional Civil Engineer has seen the company focus on civil contracts with the exception of smaller structural projects ie. raft foundations, underpinning and structural repair of residences. Piri Construction have since also undertaken several building projects, including a church and shopping complex. Currently 90% of the work undertaken is for township services (water, sewerage, storm water & roads). As Gerhard is a registered Professional Engineer, many of the projects result in a turnkey service, a design & construct service being is rendered.

The people

There are forty two permanently employed people, each highly skilled and experienced in a different sector of civil construction work. We also employ a permanent SHE supervisor that specializes in all aspects of SHEMTRAC. All the employees have previous construction experience from various backgrounds and now work as an outstanding professional team together.

The mission

To be innovative, working inside the perimeters of standard specifications but thinking outside the box.  To be thorough, doing it the right the first time.  To provide the client with value for money without compromising on quality.  Safety is never negotiable on site.

Green Stone Civil’s (Pty) Ltd